The Kevin Pipe

low-fees 100% block producer, never missed a slot!

Why stake with The Kevin Pipe?

The Kevin Pipe has a 100% block producing success rate, stake your valuable ada with confidence!

About The Kevin Pipe

Professional & reliable infrastructure is the foundation of The Kevin Pipe's mission to contribute to the success of the Cardano network.

What's with the name?

Back in 2008, I made a website to aggregate technology news and updates from a host of websites (Engadget, read-write web, Mashable…) into a single website to catch-up on tech news. I used a tool called Yahoo Pipes (now defunct) to aggregate and filter some of the RSS feed hence the name The Kevin Pipe.

About me:

For the past 20 years, I have worked in the broadcast industry. I design and build television playout and distribution systems. There are many parallels with running a TV channel and running a stake pool, failure is not an option and events must occur at a specific time. Broadcast systems are typically real-time, highly redundant and mission-critical, just like a stake pool!

My pool addr.:
More info on Pooltools | Pegasuspool | AdaPools
  • 24/7 support
  • low-latency
  • up to 10 Gbps
  • 99.9999 SLA
  • Tier 3 data center, located in Holland

Incentivized Testnet

Take part in one of the most anticipated events in crypto history. Tell your grandkids you had a stake in the original Cardano Testnet.


The Incentivized Testnet is a way to test the theory in a sandbox environment to make sure it works as intended. The ada rewards earned for delegating a stake or running a stake pool are real and, once the testnet is complete, spendable.

Make your own pool

See below links to the offical IOHK resources I used to create The Kevin Pipe.

Testnet Community

See links to the Telegram 'CardanoStakePoolWorkgroup' group and guides I found invaluable when getting started.


Please feel free to contact me via any of the below.